Biblical Emotions Set - Feelings Mindfulness in Christ
Biblical Emotions Set - Feelings Mindfulness in Christ
Biblical Emotions Set - Feelings Mindfulness in Christ
Biblical Emotions Set - Feelings Mindfulness in Christ
Biblical Emotions Set - Feelings Mindfulness in Christ
Biblical Emotions Set - Feelings Mindfulness in Christ
Biblical Emotions Set - Feelings Mindfulness in Christ
Biblical Emotions Set - Feelings Mindfulness in Christ

Biblical Emotions Set - Feelings Mindfulness in Christ

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Biblical Emotions Printable Set: Dive Into Emotional Awareness & Mindfulness with Christ! 

Welcome to an Exciting Adventure in Feelings & Faith for Your Little Ones! Dive into our Biblical Emotions Wheel-Printable Set, the ultimate fun-packed toolkit that brings emotional awareness and biblical wisdom right to your kids' fingertips! There are many emotion charts that guide your children in recognizing and articulating their feelings. However, what makes this Biblical Emotion Set truly unique is its ability to do more than just identify emotions. It bridges the gap between feelings and understanding by pairing each emotion with a corresponding scripture. This not only helps your child grasp what they're feeling but also offers them a biblical perspective to comprehend and navigate those emotions.

Designed with love and care, this digital treasure trove is here to transform how your kids understand their emotions and discover God’s comforting words in a vibrant, interactive way.

Inside the Bible Verse Emotions Set

  • Cover Magic: A beautifully designed "My Emotions with Biblical Truths" cover that welcomes kids to a world where feelings meet faith.
  • Biblical Emotions Wheel-Printable: A rainbow of emotions paired with heartwarming Bible verses, ready to explore in full color!
  • Creativity Meets Scripture: A black-and-white version of the Feelings Wheel, inviting little artists to color their world while soaking in God's words.
  • My Feelings Scripture Cards in Color: Flashy, colorful Bible verse cards that bring feelings and scriptures to life. These Bible flashcards for kids recognize emotions like Mad, Sad, Tired, Lonely, Happy, Excited, etc.
  • Make-It-Your-Own Color Scripture Cards for Kids: Black and white cards for that personal touch, doubling as a creative coloring session with Memory Verses for Kids.
  • "Today I Feel..." Feelings Charts: Bright Sunday School Posters or ready-to-color feelings charts to help kiddos express themselves every day in a fun way!
  • Emotions Coloring Pages: Dive into emotions with adorable feelings characters and Bible verses on 9 special coloring pages.
  • Editable Your Very Own Emotion Page: An editable PDF page for those "I feel" moments, adding your chosen emotion and bible verse scripture before unleashing creativity with colors.
  • Handwriting Heroes: Practice penmanship with a purpose on 9 pages where emotions and Bible verses come together. These preschool handwriting bible verse pages help little ones memorize scripture while working on writing skills.
  • Calm-Down Cards: 18 ingenious calming strategy cards offering simple, fun ways to manage emotions. Think deep breaths, jumping jacks, or a cozy hug with a teddy.

This 28-page bundle isn't just a product; it's a journey to joy and understanding, perfectly packaged for your child's calm corner, circle time, or as a sparkling new addition to their Feelings Montessori activities.

Why You'll Love the Emotions Mindfulness with Christ Set

  • Engaging Memory Verse Flash Cards Printable: Perfect for hiding God’s word in young hearts while navigating the sea of emotions.
  • Interactive Feelings Chart & Emotion List: A playful, Christ-centered way for kids to pinpoint and share their feelings.
  • Inspirational Bible Verses for Kids: Every emotion is a chance to connect with comforting, guiding scriptures.
  • Designed for the Ultimate Calm Corner: Create a peaceful nook for reflection, learning, and a whole lot of fun.

Get ready for a blast of joy and discovery! Dive into the colorful world of our Biblical Emotions Wheel-Printable Set and unlock a treasure trove of understanding, emotional smarts, and endless spiritual adventures for your kiddo. Ideal for anywhere—from the cozy corners of your home to the fun vibes of Sunday school—this set is more than just learning; it's your ticket to a world of giggles, growth, and meaningful chats about emotions and faith. Let's spark some fun and faith together!

Grab Your Bible Verse Emotion Set now and bridge a connection - emotions and God's Biblical truths. Enjoy your Faith-Filled Adventure in Emotional Awareness with your child(ren)!

What You Get With Purchase

  • 28+ Page Emotional Scripture Set Printable (non-editable PDF)
  • Editable Emotions Coloring Page - add your own feeling and bible verse (editable PDF)
  • Sunday School Ideas Gallery to help plan lessons for Kids' ministry or Christian schooling

This is a digital download. No physical product is shipped. Print at home or a local print shop. Colors will vary based on the printer.

Adorable Dot Dudes artwork by the talented Sarah Pecorino Illustration. Link to Illustrator in the package.

Read More: Read more about this product in the Sunday School Activities and Biblical Emotions for Kids blog posts.

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