El Tabernáculo Spanish Worksheet for Kids
El Tabernáculo Spanish Worksheet for Kids
El Tabernáculo Spanish Worksheet for Kids

El Tabernáculo Spanish Worksheet for Kids

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Understanding 'El Tabernáculo' can be a challenge. Teach your children or reinforce your own knowledge of the Tabernacle of Moses with this engaging two-page activity set in Spanish! Perfect for homeschooling, Sunday school lessons, or personal study, this interactive resource brings the ancient biblical teachings to life in a fun and educational way.

Teaching El Tabernáculo de Moses Overview:

This activity set provides a brief overview of 'El Tabernáculo' as described in the book of Exodus, focusing on key elements such as the Arca del Pacto, Lavacro de Bronce, Candelabro de Oro, and Altar del Incienso. It seamlessly connects the teachings of the Old Testament to their fulfillment in the New Testament, emphasizing Jesus as the ultimate sacrifice and the removal of the division between man and God symbolized by the tearing of the veil.

What's Included: 

Página Uno:

  • Introduction to the Old Testament and the significance of 'El Tabernáculo.'
  • Connects 'El Tabernáculo' elements to their New Testament counterparts.
  • Engaging maze and tic-tac-toe boards for interactive learning and fun.

Página Dos:

  • Exciting I Spy game to encourage observation skills.
  • Count the number of Bibles, Candelabros de Oro, Arcas del Pacto, and tiendas with candles for a challenging yet enjoyable activity.

Moses Activity Suitable for All Ages:

This activity sheet is designed for older kids, starting from 2nd grade and up, but can also be enjoyed by adults seeking to deepen their understanding of biblical teachings. Whether used in a classroom setting or at home, it's a versatile resource for learners of all ages.

Instant Digital Download:

Upon purchase, you will instantly receive the digital file, allowing you to print and use it as many times as needed. No physical product is shipped, making it convenient and eco-friendly.

How are the Tabernacle and the Tent of Meeting Different?

Both 'El Tabernáculo' and Tent of Meeting were important structures in Israelite worship, they served different purposes and were used in different ways. 'El Tabernáculo' was a permanent sanctuary for communal worship and sacrifices, while 'La Tienda de Reunión' was a temporary dwelling where Moses met personally with God for guidance and revelation. After meeting with the Lord, Moses would put a veil on his face because his face was a glow.

Why Choose Our El Tabernáculo Worksheet?

  • Engaging and educational resource for teaching about the Tabernacle.
  • Reinforces understanding of Biblical concepts from both the Old and New Testaments.
  • Provides interactive activities to make learning fun and memorable.
  • Suitable for various age groups and learning environments.
  • Instantly accessible as a digital download.

Elevate your Christian education experience with the Spanish Tabernacle Activity Mat! Download now and embark on a journey through biblical history and teachings.

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